Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween on the streets of Paris

I wasn't really expecting to see much in the way of Halloween on the streets of Paris. Indeed, as an Australian, I hadn't actually thought of it. I was surprised to see any actually.

Georges Larnicol had heaps.

Patrick Roger just a little. And Perhaps just autumnal?

Make Up Forever, 5 Rue des Francs Bourgeouis 75004 was decked out in glittery pumpkin.

Tabio sock shops were kitted out.

Most surprising was the medical supply place on Rue Danton, with Halloween soup.

And other things.

It could turn up anywhere. In BHV where Patisseries des Reves was holding a Halloween themed sable decorating workshop for the kiddies. 

The cake decorating competition at Salon du Chocolat.

We visited the dog cemetery at Asnieres-sur-Seine on the morning of Halloween, and was very surprised to see a grave decorated for Halloween. 

Perhaps not surprising to see  a black cat.

I think perhaps the kids had dressed up for school. I guess it would be impossible to go trick or treating here with everyone living in apartment buildings with access codes on the front doors. 

Our dinner at the rather amazing Art Kitchen Studio even had added Spiderman.

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Thursday, 30 October 2014

Jacques Genin Rue du Bac

I was most excited last week to get to visit the new Jacques Genin store on the corner of Rue du Bac and Rue de Varenne. I'd heard of his legendary caramels of course but had never made it to his original store in the 3rd on any of my three previous visits to Paris. How fantastic that he opened this new left bank store just in time for our visit!

What an experience it is!

From the first glimpse outside
It's totally elegant and beautiful

 everything  is displayed like fine works of art- which indeed they are

So much to try

The pate des fruits (fruit jellies) glisten like jewels
and there are some rather unexpected flavours

Not all that is red is berry!

The Mangue Passion of legend

All too soon it is time to leave 
And what of the caramels? I've only eaten a few of my stash, but they are indeed divine. The Mangue Passion (Mango/Passionfruit) and Caramel Beurre Sale (Salted Butter Caramel) are incredible. The joy of the pate des fruits still awaits. 

Rather stupidly I didn't buy any of his chocolates on this visit. Thankfully they give you a tiny sachet with two chocolates to try. That milk caramel will stand up as one of the gustatory highlights of the trip I think. The dark chocolate mint has an incredibly intense mint flavour, and was a bit too much for me. 

And now I think I need a caramel for breakfast....

Jacques Genin
27 Rue de Varenne
Paris 75007
Tuesday-Saturday 1030-7

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Marche biologique Raspail #2

Last year I visited the amazing organic market on Sundays at Boulevard Raspail. It was so good that on our first morning in Paris while still dusting off the jet lag we went again. Last year it was summer, this year late autumn, and it was fascinating to see the seasonal changes at the market.

It was such a celebration of mainly French produce.

So many pumpkins! I'd been lead to believe that the French don't eat pumpkin, but clearly someone does.

I love pumpkin and have been trying it whenever the opportunity presents.

Lots of delicious salmon but better to get someone
to cook it for me 

I love mache!

And mushrooms of all sorts

Beacoup des fleurs

The kale revolution has hit France too it seems

I'm not sure if these are even available in Australia? Physalis. Or particularly what I would do with them if I had them.

I need to buy some of these next time
I did try one growing in a park

Black radish I believe

They had amazing yellow tomatoes too
and cooked beetroot sitting out!
So much delicious cheese on offer. 

The St Felicien and Fourme d'Ambert
were amazing.
Some things remained untried

Not sure that I'm brave enough

Clearly some produce is imported

Best pineapple I've ever tasted- from Togo

Checking out a market in Paris is always worthwhile. Whichever one is near you. 

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